The First Photos Of My Collection…

Here are the first photos of my collection:

I was finally able to upload my pictures. I have had a lot of trouble figuring out why my camera wouldn’t load to my computer… then I realized that it didn’t have enough battery strength to process the information… so I charged it, and what do you know??? It worked! Go figure, doh!

So, I can now share with you some of my snow globes. I was unable to finish taking pictures of all of my snow globes, but I will soon. Also, the pictures I will show here now, are of them how they are arranged in my office. Later, I will take individual pictures so that you can get a clear and detailed picture… with that, I will also give you the stories behind the ones that have them. Enjoy the view!

3.2 Snow Globes of my collection (below)

These are all musical

3.2 [one is lurking behind the wisemen & the camel] Snow Globes from my collection (below)

The one on the left and the middle are musical

I have many more to share with you, but I wanted to get two of my favorite pictures up for now. I hope that you will enjoy my collection and grow in admiration of the beauty and craftmanship that these wonderful displays can have.


~ by truthoughts on May 20, 2008.

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