A Redneck Wonderglobe!

A Redneck Wonderglobe, you will understand what I mean when you have read through the bottom of this post.

I have found a great place where you can find some interesting snow globes for sale. This first picture is of one of the snow globes that they have listed. This is of Wizard of Oz when the tornado ‘twister’ came and took Dorothy’s house. You can check out this picture closer by clicking HERE.

Wizard of Oz Tornado Water Globe

Here is another one I found on the same site: Click HERE for closer picture. This one would fit well in my home. We have cats, but no fish. It is cute and different.

Kitty with Goldfish Water Globe

Next, here is a cute Disney snow globe: Click HERE for closer picture. This Disney Christmas image with the additional globes on the train are very creative. It looks like Tinkerbell might be in the larger globe… maybe she moves around it, hmmm???

There are so many fun and unique designs for snow globes. I personally like the ones that have multiple globes like the one in the picutre directly above. What would be really great is if it was musical and when the music played, the cars would go around the larger globe as it all lights up. Oh, just dreaming. lol.

I am beginning to find more and more unique globes online. Maybe I will try to make one myself, thought it certainly would not be as elaborate as some of these. It would probably be a snow globe that Jeff Foxworthy would be proud to call “A Redneck Wonderglobe”. lol.


~ by truthoughts on May 26, 2008.

17 Responses to “A Redneck Wonderglobe!”

  1. I had just once a snow globe in my life. It was a teddy bear and it had the snow globe in his tummy. But after a while, all the water is gone… I do not know if it can be refilled again…

  2. Susan,

    Thank you very much for your comment. That sounds like a great snow globe. I do not know a lot of people who repair snow globes, but I did post an article here (click the title) The Last Snow Globe Repairmen that gives information on a man who does repair snow globes. It is possible to have it repaired. If it means a lot to you, I would suggest checking into it. Let me know if you do and maybe you could post a picture of it… 🙂 Thanks again for your comment. I look forward to hearing how and if you get your snow globe repaired.


  3. I collect snow globes, and recently I was pretty amazed with this new Iphone app called Noon Snow Globe. There’s a lot of bad snow globes on the iphone, but noon snow globe was pretty darn cool. Nothing can beat having the real thing, but at least with the iphone you can carry it everywhere and look at it whenever you want. You should check it out unless you don’t have an Iphone, in which case never mind. Take care.


    • Thanks for the info Antonio! That is great to know… I’m bummed now because I do not have an iphone 😦 Now I will just have to get one, right 😉 Thanks again for the comment / information. Hopefully, others will see your comment and check their iphones. Have an outstanding day!!


  4. Hello, I am desperately trying to find the snowglobe from Mary Poppins, feed the birds with St Pauls cathedral with the birds that fly around, if anybody knows where I can find this please let me know.

  5. I loved you blog about snow globes. They really do take you to a magical world! I have read that extreme temperatures can damage your snow globes. Extreme heat can cause evaporation or jeopardize adhesive bonds causing leakage. Cold can also cause leaks and or discoloration of the liquid inside the globe. Keep your snow globes in a stable temperature environment and enjoy them for longer!


  6. hi im from Philippines. its very difficult for me to find snow globes here! I love snow globe most specially the unique one thx for your sit

  7. hi there, i’m from Holland and i also collect snowglobes. Just love the ones from Disney and movies. The ones you show above (Wizard of OZ, etc) are very difficult to find here..:(
    Thank you for your site!

    • Thank you Marije. I have gotten most of my snowglobes from thrift / consignment stores and garage sales. It is hard to find unique ones here without going to some amusement park and paying a hefty price for them. =)
      How many do you have?


  8. I would like to buy St Pauls Cathedral snow globe from Mary Poppins, does anyone know where I can get one from?

    • Christina,

      Sorry it took awhile to post your comment. I personally don’t know where but maybe one of my readers may. Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for. =)


  9. Hi! I’m Spanish and I have my own collection of snowglobes. I thinks yours it’s so beautifoul.
    This is my blog.

    • Silvia, Those are very fun on your site. Thank you for sharing the link with me. Thank you also for the complement on mine. =)

  10. Do you have a snowglobe that the base opens up to put something small inside and close? I had one and it broke and I am trying to find the manufacture thanks

    • Niki,

      No, I sure don’t. I have not seen any like that before. It sounds interesting though. When and where did you get the one you had?

  11. If anyone has a Mary Poppins 35th anniversary St. Paul’s Catherdal snow globe, please contact me: kmacca1@pride.hofstra.edu

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