A Redneck Wonderglobe!

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A Redneck Wonderglobe, you will understand what I mean when you have read through the bottom of this post.

I have found a great place where you can find some interesting snow globes for sale. This first picture is of one of the snow globes that they have listed. This is of Wizard of Oz when the tornado ‘twister’ came and took Dorothy’s house. You can check out this picture closer by clicking HERE.

Wizard of Oz Tornado Water Globe

Here is another one I found on the same site: Click HERE for closer picture. This one would fit well in my home. We have cats, but no fish. It is cute and different.

Kitty with Goldfish Water Globe

Next, here is a cute Disney snow globe: Click HERE for closer picture. This Disney Christmas image with the additional globes on the train are very creative. It looks like Tinkerbell might be in the larger globe… maybe she moves around it, hmmm???

There are so many fun and unique designs for snow globes. I personally like the ones that have multiple globes like the one in the picutre directly above. What would be really great is if it was musical and when the music played, the cars would go around the larger globe as it all lights up. Oh, just dreaming. lol.

I am beginning to find more and more unique globes online. Maybe I will try to make one myself, thought it certainly would not be as elaborate as some of these. It would probably be a snow globe that Jeff Foxworthy would be proud to call “A Redneck Wonderglobe”. lol.

Pictures of my collection Part IV

•May 24, 2008 • 8 Comments

Here are another two pictures of my collection. As you can see, the first picture has very small globes, but they are some of the more unique ones that I own. The four that are sitting atop of large crafted bases have a surprise inside when you flip the globe part over and I will show what they hide in a later post. The two cross globes are just a couple from a larger group. That group has every birthstone in it. There is a golden angel globe in the center front and a Santa Clause with a globe in the back center. I will add close ups later. None of these in the first picture are musical.

In the second picture, below, you can see two winter scenes and a snowman with a belly globe on the right. The colorful tea pot in the back is not a globe, but it is fun to look at. I will share close ups in a later post. The snow globe in the center is the only musical one in this picture.

Thank you for coming and viewing more of my snow globe collection. I hope to add more pictures as well as close ups in the near future and I hope that you will come back to see them.

Pictures of my collection Part III

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Here is the third part of my snow globe collection. In the first picture, you can see three medium sized winter scenes and two small Mickey Mouse christmas scenes.  The three in the back are all musical globes but the two small ones in the front are not.

In the second picture, below, are four other snow globes that I have. All four of these are musical and three of them have additional pieces which sit ontop of the globes. I will have closer pictures of these in a later post. The two larger ones on the sides are of Christmas scenes and the middle one on the left side is of Noah’s Ark, while the middle one on the right is of Sleeping Beauty dancing with the animals in the forest.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at some more of my collection. I hope to add more pictures soon. Again, if you come across any snow globes that you would like to share, please leave me a comment, with a link, and I will make sure to add them, to your credit.

Pictures of my collection Part II

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Below, you can see two more pictures from my collection. In the first picture, the two on the sides are musical and the large one in the middle is not. In the second picture, all three are musical.

I really love the one in the middle (below) because it is so colorful. When you move the elves at the bottom around on their spinning floor, it begins to play it’s music. This one also has a battery opporated button that lights up the globe and is fun to see in the dark.

I wonder if they make snow globes that instead of playing music, they tell a story??? Hmmm… That would be fun for a kid. I would love one to do that and light up with multi-colored glitter, so that it sparkles with different colors in the light. I wonder what the most elaborate snow globe out there is. If I find one that is so great, I will share it with you… If you find one, please share it here with me.


The First Photos Of My Collection…

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Here are the first photos of my collection:

I was finally able to upload my pictures. I have had a lot of trouble figuring out why my camera wouldn’t load to my computer… then I realized that it didn’t have enough battery strength to process the information… so I charged it, and what do you know??? It worked! Go figure, doh!

So, I can now share with you some of my snow globes. I was unable to finish taking pictures of all of my snow globes, but I will soon. Also, the pictures I will show here now, are of them how they are arranged in my office. Later, I will take individual pictures so that you can get a clear and detailed picture… with that, I will also give you the stories behind the ones that have them. Enjoy the view!

3.2 Snow Globes of my collection (below)

These are all musical

3.2 [one is lurking behind the wisemen & the camel] Snow Globes from my collection (below)

The one on the left and the middle are musical

I have many more to share with you, but I wanted to get two of my favorite pictures up for now. I hope that you will enjoy my collection and grow in admiration of the beauty and craftmanship that these wonderful displays can have.

Video: A Sea Of Glass Domes

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I came across this video of a little girl named Stephanie who has recorded her snow globe collection for the world to see. This video was adorable… she has soooo many and some of them are really quite unique. Please watch and see:

Here is another video that she did with a little more detail of “all” of her snow globes. It just excites me to go out and get some more 🙂 .

An Online Wonderland

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I want to share with you some intricate pleasures that I found online, tell me what you think.

These are some unique snow globes that I found online recently. I thought that I would share them with you here. The first one is of the Nativity: The tallness and intricate detail is gorgeous to admire. Click here for Source

The second one is a silver disney globe ontop of a piano. I appologize for the stretched look, but the original picture was very small. I just love snow globes that are a little different than the regular ones you can purchase at a souvenir shop… though I do have some of those too. Click here for Source

 The third one is a giant habitable snow globe created by Sears in NY. When I came across this one, I just had to add it to my site. I wish that I could have been there to see it. “Inside a couple chats, wraps presents, hangs decorations, makes snacks and other general holiday activities…” for more Click here for Source

 I wonder how many snow globe collectors there are??? It is funny because I really wasn’t aware that I collected them until I got to about 30 snow globes or so. Doh! Well, I hope that you enjoy the pics and subscribe to see more as I post them.